Robin Soderlin & Fiance Jenni Mostrom Relationship

Robin Soderlin is a well-known Tennis player from Sweden. He has a gorgeous girlfriend known as Jenni Mostrom, they got engaged in 2008. It's been really a long time engagement, but both were close friends a long time before they actually began relationship so they might have fun with the commitment without getting the real marriage paperwork, but they aren't married. Hopefully they will get married soon in 2013 as mentioned in some reports. They both are living happily with each other, check below some of Robin Soderlin and his upcoming life partner Jenni Mostrom's most latest photographs. 
 Robin Soderlin With Girlfriend 
 Robin Soderlin With Fiance Jenni Mostrom
 Robin Soderlin & Jenni Mostrom
 Robin Soderlin Kissing Jenni Mostrom
Robin Soderlin With Fiance 2012


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