Nadia Petrova Russian Star

Nadia Petrova was born on June 8th, 1982 in Moscow, Russia. She is one of the strong tennis star in the world. She is daughter of athletic parents, particularly her mom who has won a brown medal in the 1976 Montreal Olympics in the 400 meter pass on. While in her childhood she visited lots and lastly the family made a decision to remain in Egypt. There her trainer was Mohammed Seif and together with him and her parents.

Nadia Petrova has won French Open when she was a junior player. Being a professional tennis player she even now did not succeed in any Grand Slam title, but she actually is a very skilled and specialist player and it is guaranteed that she might still deal with for the title. She's got wins being a single player in Tbilisi, Makarska, Hvar, Dubrovnik, Linz, Doha, Amelia Island, Charleston, Berlin, Stuttgart and Paris in between 1997 and 2007.

Petrova is a very popular player now a days, becoming so skilled and obtaining a lot strength in her arms gifted her bravery to carry on in the tough world of the Tennis. She's a girl who desires to be a successful and till she is a successful player and she won't give up. Let us hope that injuries will continue to be away and she could practice hard and take part at a lot of events.
 Nadia Petrova Training
 Nadia Petrova Random Pic
 Nadia Petrova Depressed
 Nadia Petrova Painting 
Nadia Petrova 2012


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